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Your museum is a place to inspire, a place to chase wonder, to teach and to grow. But is it a place truly built for all?

Whether it’s the bright lights in an exhibit or a video without closed captions, accessibility in museums can often feel like an afterthought. When you partner with Access 4 All, you’re telling your community that they are part of your story. That you built this space for them.  


Each visitor is as unique as your museum. Without changing any of your exhibits, the user-friendly app, Access 4 All, transforms your center into a welcoming and accessible space for people with an array of disabilities. By bridging your existing exhibits with the accessible content, Access 4 All ensures that each visitor can fully immerse themselves in your story.

Make accessibility a reality at your museum or visitor center

​Access 4 All App Options Include:

  • Captions for Media

  • Reinforced, lip-synced audio

  • American Sign Language Interpretation for Exhibits & Media

  • Audio Descriptors for Exhibits

  • Audio Descriptors for Media

  • Sensory Support via Social Stories

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The A4A app can be downloaded by visitors on their own devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play. While the app looks similar at each museum (giving a standardization for visitors to use across museum locations), the audio and video content are customized and created specifically for your museum.  The app is free for their use and the content can only be accessed within the museum walls itself.

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